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My Pink Floyd moment…

on March 14, 2015

So this morning when I got up to let my chickens out..my rooster started chasing a couple of the girls around (this is routine) and I said to him “Hey rooster…leave them chicks alone”. As soon as it came out of my mouth I realized what I said. LMAO I had my very own Pink Floyd moment. I giggled all the way back into the house. HAHA

I’m waiting ever so patiently for my MISTI (trying anyway!). My order is still being processed. I’m so excited, I almost pee myself everytime I think about it!!! =)

I am still working on getting my stamps reorganized into pockets. I am going to get the last of them finished up today and get the media shelf moved out of my craft room. It’s literally standing in the middle of the room off to the side. LOL I’ve been moving some stuff around as well, still working on how I want the pockets organized. I have also been organizing my dies into the same pockets and remembered yesterday that I still have quite a few smaller dies stored in baseball card page protectors.  >.<

First, I have some dishes to do….


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