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Love/Hate Relationships

on March 21, 2016

You have them, I have them. I mostly have them with craft stores. I love my local Michael’s because they seem to have most everything if I need it in a pinch. There are a few things that I have to order online (which I prefer anyway) but sometimes you want to go to the store and pick up the item of interest and hold it and look at it and see exactly how big or small it is and READ THE PACKAGING before deciding to invest in it. On the other hand…Michael’s makes me dizzy with their ever changing coupon policy. I will go in one day and all the sudden they won’t accept my 60% off competitor’s coupon. The next week I’ll return and they will accept the 60% off competitor’s coupon. On one visit they told me they would only accept up to a 40% off competitor’s coupon. I wished like mad that my local Joann’s was re-opened. (They had closed for about 6 months during this time to move to a larger location.) Also, my Michael’s store will only accept ONE coupon. Doesn’t matter if it’s their coupon or a competitor’s. =(

My local Joann’s is a different story. Since they re-opened their doors here where I live, their store seems to be bigger but they really don’t carry any more papercrafting items than they did when they were in the old location. I was really looking forward to a bigger selection of my crafts. One thing I LOVE about Joann’s is that I can use more than one coupon at a time and they can be a combination of their coupons and competitor’s coupons. Not to mention that Joann’s allows their coupons to be used on books (not magazines) whereas Michael’s does not. I don’t buy my adult coloring books from Michael’s anymore for this very reason. =)

Yesterday I discovered EtsyRank.com. What a great (free) tool for Etsy sellers!! I’m in the process of going through and cleaning up my listings. I hope this will boost my sales. A few weeks ago I fixed all of my shipping information for all listings. I’ve also been removing a few items that were listed for quite a while without selling or attracting very much interest. When they came up to renew it just wasn’t worth the listing fee. =/

Anyway, I’m off to go have lunch. Tuna salad is calling me and I’m starved. Then I have a birthday card to get started on. Have a great day!!


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