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Cards and Coloring

on November 23, 2015

Yesterday I finished up my Christmas cards. I decided this year I’m only sending out 20 cards. Now that they are finished, I just need to get them addressed and mailed but it’s still a little early to send them, of course. :b

I got up this morning and decided to go over to Staples to see about getting one of my new adult coloring books spiral bound. Well, they don’t do that anymore…unless you cut the binding off yourself first. The woman at the counter told me that the cutting part was ruining their machine. I think they need to get a new machine. LOL I was reading online that you can heat the binding with a hairdryer and pull the pages off yourself but I’m just wondering if that is a risk I want to take. It would sure be nice to lay my book flat when I’m coloring!! =) I may give it a try, I may not. Why in the world do these books not already come spiral bound??? EVERYONE will want them to lay flat for coloring…duh.

I think today is just a coloring kind of day. Not feeling all that great. The other day I picked up some Staedler colored pencils at Michael’s to try them out…ew, I don’t like them at all (and will return them)! I don’t like that they are triangle shaped and they sharpen funny. I think I will just stick with my 50ct. Crayolas. LOL They aren’t fancy but the colors are bright and blend well. My coloring books are just for me anyway, right? hehe


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