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eBay Junk!

on November 17, 2015

Just a little rant. Why do eBay sellers insist on adding my email address to their mailing list (aka SPAM) without my permission? If I want to be on their mailing list I have the option to subscribe. eBay already has a system set up for this. It just irks me that I have to go through the trouble to unsubscribe because I was not asked if I would like to subscribe or not. I know it’s a minor thing, but 100 pennies makes a dollar. I don’t know how many lists I have had to unsubscribe myself from and my time is precious. I have better things to do with it. Bleh! Okay, I’m done. LOL

So today I go to check a tracking number for a set of stamps I purchased the other day from eBay. The tracking information says the package was delivered yesterday. Really? So I head out to the mailbox to check again because my husband had already checked the mail yesterday evening and he said there was no mail. I know my husband isn’t blind…so when I get to the mailbox and see what I already knew I went over and knocked on my neighbor’s door to see if maybe the package was accidently put in her mailbox. She says no but she also informs me that she saw our postal carrier take a small package to my door yesterday after he visited our mailboxes. So I go check around my front porch thinking maybe the wind blew it off the porch and into or behind my lavender bush. I look everywhere (even under the doormat)…no package. So I call the post office. The woman I spoke to said to call in the morning so I could speak to my carrier and find out if he remembers the delivery. So I plan on doing that. I also left the seller positive feedback because of course this is not her fault and the tracking says it was delivered…but this is not the end of my story. LOL

So, these photopolymer stamps I ordered are actually a replacement of the same stamps I bought the previous week from another eBay seller. The problem with the first order was that when I recieved the stamps they were gummy and one broke off when I went to peel it off the acetate. The seller was awesome and refunded me with no problems. Now I’m just wondering do I find another set to buy or am I not meant to own them??? LOL This has never happened to me and it’s so weird that I should have problems with both purchases. I will update tomorrow after I speak with my carrier. =)

Bring on more rain!! My grass is just starting to turn green again!

UPDATE: My carrier told me that he left the package on my front porch. So, someone walked off with it. I hope they are enjoying my faerie stamps!! =/


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