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It’s Finally Raining!!

on November 2, 2015

It’s been raining here for the last FULL day! My lawn might even turn green in a couple weeks! YAY!!! :b

The last few weeks have been quite busy! I keep meaning to get on here and update but after I get all my tasks finished, I want to get off the computer and get other things done around the house. I’m working on cutting down my emails and stuff. It just takes up too much time of my day! One thing I have been working on too is switching to a new email address and that is always a LOT of work and time involved. I’m sure you have been there a time or two yourself.

So last month (October) we were getting our house ready to put on the market. We are anxious to get moved. It’s just time to do it but now that it’s fall and Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us, it’s a down time in the housing market and sadly we will have to wait until the spring to get our house listed at the price we need. =(

My best friend Rene came to visit mid-month and we had an absolute blast!! We spent a couple days shopping for papercrafting supplies at a couple 3 or 4 or was it 5 scrapbooking stores!?!?? LOL It was a lot of fun. We had been saving a couple card kits from Simon Says Stamp so we could work on them together and we did! We made a mess in my diningroom! This top picture is AFTER the clean up of a full day working on the SSS October kit. We made 10 cards each…you can sorta see them at the back of the table.



The bottom picture is after day 2 that we papercrafted all day with the SSS August kit. Rene actually took this picture because I forgot to get one before we cleaned up!! LOL She made another 10 cards and I made 11…so in all we made 41 different cards and still have supplies leftover to do quite a few more. Those SSS monthly kits are a lot of fun and the products included are fantastic!! My only complaint is that I wish SSS would include some envelopes!! hehe

We were going to catch a movie at the theatre while she was here but there was NOTHING playing that we wanted to see…so we opted for an Underworld marathon instead because you know how much we love our vampire movies. Team Selene!! :b After 6 days, it was really sad to see her go home. My siamese cat couldn’t have been happier to have his house back to normal, though. LOL

So a few days after Rene left, my hubby had to leave for a week to Colorado Springs for some training for his job. I absolutely hated him being gone and it was so nice when he returned home!! =)

Yesterday, I mostly finished my daughter’s Christmas cards. I just have a small embellishment to add to them and then get them packaged up and sent to her so she can get them filled out and sent off. After I get that done, I’m going to be working on another (because I already did one at the end of Sept.) small set of Christmas cards to put in my shop AND THEN I’ll get my cards done up so I can get them ready to be mailed!!

So that’s (most of) my updates for the last month or so — except I forgot to mention that we will be downsizing our chicken population from 6 to 4. A family we know has agreed to take our two Ameraucanas, Charlotte and LadyHawke. I’m waiting for them to finish molting because change while molting is really hard on them. So that’s it! =) Until next time…


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