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Getting my groove [back] on…

on September 8, 2015

For the last year or so I’ve been kinda feeling like I don’t really fit in anywhere. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do but it felt really awkward trying to get going. I guess that is why I don’t post to this blog that much. It just feels really strange to me. It partly has to do with how I feel about myself, too. It’s sad but I have felt for a long time like I’m not good enough and people probably won’t like my creations and I’ll never sell anything in my shop…lol

So, since I have opened my Etsy shop it has been slow. I blame that on not putting myself out there via social media. Yes, I have Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram. Oh, and now I have Periscope — which is pretty kewl, btw. It’s fun popping into a scope and there is someone else crafting while I’m doing a little cardmaking of my own. =) Anyway…I just figured I could get my shop going if I’m really careful about my use of tags, descriptions and be the queen of my customer service and I think I’m doing pretty well. My shop was really starting to pick up and it seemed like I was getting a lot of sales. However, my sales have really slowed like molasses in winter but I blame Etsy and their category changes for that and it really got me down. Until I visited the forums a week or so ago to look for help in the matter I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or maybe I broke it!! Apparently, I’m not and I didn’t. MANY sellers have been struggling since the category changes back in Feb/March.

Recently, I made some changes of my own. I purged a lot of crap I was not using and my dear sweet husband pointed out how I could save some valuable real estate in my craftroom and that has helped more than I could’ve imagined. Just a few small changes has put me back in the mood to be creative and do some stuff I have been putting off because I was just feeling so lousy about everything. I have made quite a few cards lately. I don’t know if I will list them in my Etsy shop or try listing them in my shop on another website (not eBay, too many fees!). I may list them at both and pray I don’t sell anything on both websites at the same time! o.0

I just kinda wanted to put this out there in case anyone was reading my blog and wondered why I keep slacking off on posting. =/ I was actually thinking about moving my blog back over to Blogger, too. I’m still sorta kicking that idea around. It would be nice to not be restricted by widgets/HTML/scripting because I’m not ready to pay for full WordPress access. Hmmm…maybe I should try Tumblr?

P.S. Yes. I have Facebook, too but I can’t stand it. I keep Facebook to stay in touch with a few friends and family (LOL sometimes I play Farm Town). ~8)


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