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My Craft Room

on May 27, 2015

Here is where I do all of my crafting. Well, it’s actually where I make the biggest messes. :b

Craft Room 1

I have most of what I need within reach. You can barely see my heat gun hanging from the table. To my right (not pictured) I have my carousel with pens, rulers, tape runner, scissors, tweezers and whatever else I can fit in it. hehe

Craft Room 2

This is where I keep all of my whale tail punches, most of my woodblock stamps and my SU! ink pads.

Craft Room 3

I keep all of my SU! stamp sets here on this shelf. I have converted all of the wood block sets to cling, printed off covers for them and stored them in the DVD style cases. It’s so easy to see what I’m looking for. I also have each set cataloged in a small binder. Also pictured is the two big cats my daughter Chelsea painted. At one time, they were displayed in our local art gallery. I kinda stole them from her with permission. hehe My room is adorned with art that both of my girls made through the years. I’m REALLY proud that they are both so talented when it comes to the arts. =)

I have another shelf with all my stamps that are stored in pockets for easy access. I still need to set up a filing system for them, but at least they are all put away nicely and I can still find what I’m looking for. My husband installed shelving in the double wide closet for even more storage and it’s nice to not have a cluttered space to create in. Will take more pictures later of how I have other things organized. Just wanted to give everyone an idea what my room looks like. ~8)


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