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Daylight savings didn’t save me anything. =/

on March 8, 2015

Today has been kinda strange…was hard to get going because of the time change. I really hate daylight savings and wish they would do away with it. It’s been really nice here in the 70’s so hubby and I got some yard work done. We’re getting the garden boxes prepped for planting. =) I love picking fresh veggies from the garden and last year we did our first canning. We plan on doing more this year. My celery I’ve been growing all winter is looking big and awesome! I know you can buy it cheap…but I was thinking that my chickens would like it. Well, it’s the only thing that they’ve not gotten into and torn up so now it’s all mine, mine, mine! HAHA We are also on a mission to get all of our patio plants out of pots and into the ground. Only a couple of them will stay in pots. I just want them all off my patio. My patio is always a mess…but I think it’s just all the clutter! So off with the pots! =)

I’m working on a set of new cards. I’m using one of my favorite rubber stamps. It’s a super cute fox that I picked up at Stamper’s Corner in Elk Grove. I probably paid too much for it but I couldn’t bear to put it back on the shelf. Total impulse buy, right? :b I have spent the last couple weeks reorganizing my rubber stamps into pockets. I wish I had done this from the beginning instead of fooling with the CD storage method. Thank you, Jennifer McQuire. =) I had to pick up a new bookshelf for the new storage, but I like it a lot better and now I can store some other stuff on the shelf that I couldn’t fit on the media shelf with the CDs. Also a couple of the media shelves were stationary and that really bugged me.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to write this long, I need to get my rear in gear and get started on my lasagna and deviled eggs. Will post again in a couple days. Take care!


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