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When do I NOT talk about my chickens?

on October 12, 2014

You’re right! NEVER. LOL So we had a little — well, really it was a big scare on the 1st of the month. I found my girls being tormented by a Cooper’s hawk. Since that day we have acquired a new family member. His name is Wyatt Chirp. He is our new Barred Rock rooster. He is a really good boy. He sings to the girls when they are laying and he keeps a really close eye on them when they are free ranging. Wyatt is still intimidated by his humans and he’s not aggressive toward them at all. I really really like him, more than I anticipated. Welcome to the family, Wyatt. =)


Next up…my hubby and I love going to yard sales and thrift stores. You just never know what you will find and the hunt is what’s fun! About a week ago we hit Goodwill and look what I found:


A brand new set of clear flourish stamps by Martha Stewart ($1.99), a Stipple Plaid background stamp by Stampin’ Up (99c), a smiley stamp by SU! (49c), a Big Shot texture plate (99c) and a couple embellishment packs (99c each & not included in the photo). Those background stamps are usually a couple dollars more, I don’t know why this one was only 99 cents…but it was a good find for me! LOL Since hubby started working a new schedule, we have not really had good luck with the yard sales. =/ Ah well, win some/lose some, right? Keep Calm and thrift on!! :b

Ok, now I have a little rant:  I pick up a lot of craft supplies from eBay. I watch a LOT before buying — I’m looking for bargains, bargains, bargains!! I see what items are actually selling for before I buy. I might watch an item for a couple months and discover something I originally saw selling for $20, sell for around $8 one out of every 5 sales. I managed to pick up a cling mount set of “Build a Blossom” by Stampin’ Up for only $10+ a couple dollars shipping. You have to understand though, I watched these sell for a couple months before I finally found one at this price…and I managed to find mine listed ‘Buy it Now’. You MUST be patient! Oh yeah, back to my rant:  Recently after watching for about 5 months, I found “Out on a Limb” by Stampin’ Up for $25+ free shipping. I had not seen this particular stamp set listed for under $34 and SORRY, but I’m NOT paying that much for a set of stamps. LOL So the listing states that this set is NEW and UM (unmounted). I prefer my sets to be unmounted, whether or not they are cling or wood mount. So I receive the set yesterday and it is NOT new nor is it unmounted. This didn’t change the quality of the set…but WHY LIE TO THE BUYER? I would’ve purchased the set anyway! I know this is really minor, but it’s not right to be mislead by a seller. Nuff said.

I have a couple more cards that I will be listing in my shop in the next couple days. I sold one of my hummingbird cards the other day. I don’t know why but according to the tracking, my post office took 2 days to even acknowledge I mailed it. =/

That is all I have for now. I am really trying to get in here and post more often…but it’s not like I have a huge following anyway, right? LOL I am definitely going to start taking pics of my Goodwill/yard sale hauls and posting them for you to see. You can find some good deals, you just have to hunt for them. I find lots of name brand papercrafting supplies all the time. I found an old style (the red and white one) Big Kick at Goodwill once for only $6. It didn’t have any plates with it. I’m kinda ‘big kick’ing myself for not buying it but I don’t need it and I’m trying not to be a hoarder. HAHAHA!


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