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It’s been a few days…

on September 27, 2014

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I posted (AGAIN), I guess I should do that! LOL Well, Gertie has been laying eggs regularly everyday since I last posted and now we have another hen that is also laying but every other day. We don’t know who the mystery egg-layer is, either! =) I imagine they will all be laying here in a minute.

I got some new things in my shop listed. I listed one of the pumpkin cards and the bunny card I made:



I also listed a couple stamp sets and a couple packages of Spectrum Noir markers that I already had before I bought the lot of 72. That reminds me, I went ahead and got the four 24 packs that they sell to go with those markers and the storage rack so now I have all 168 markers and I just LOVE them! I have been playing around with them and sorting out my favorite color combos. If you are just starting out with alcohol markers and want to try a nice set without spending a lot of money, I highly recommend the Spectrum Noir line. Here is a link to the first 72 to get you started:

Spectrum Noir 72 Pen Set

and the 4 additional 24 packs here:

Spectrum Noir 96 Pens

I had also listed a Martha Stewart Circle cutter in my shop but it sold yesterday and I already have it dropped off at the post office. If you are interested, you can find one here. I just didn’t care for this particular cutter and bought a set of circle dies instead. I don’t remember who made the dies, I just picked them up at Michael’s and used a %40 off coupon…so I got a pretty good deal. =)

That is all I can think of for now. Hubby was home sick from work yesterday, so we just had a pretty relaxed day. If I think of anything else I forgot, I’ll come back and post it. Thanks for stopping by! =)


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