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Eggs, eggs, eggs!

on September 27, 2014

Luci was acting kinda strange this morning — walking around looking up at the patio chairs, making this little clucking sound and walking around looking up at everything. She jumped up on a little table that is next to a patio chair that I happened to be sitting in. I reached over to pet her and asked her if she was alright…because at that moment I only suspected what she was up to. She came over next to me and started picking at the chair cushion and trying to climb in behind me…then I knew my suspicions were correct. She was definitely looking for a nesting spot. So I got up and let her climb over to the seat of the chair. I got her to climb up on my hand and I held her close and walked her over to the chickencoop. She didn’t seem to be pleased with that…so I just opened up the side door. The side door basically opens the whole side for easy access to clean out the coop. I went back over and sat down and in a minute she went back inside the coop on her own. I had seen her climbing the ladder earlier like she was going to go in but then she would  go back down and wonder around a bit and then do it again. Anyway, she settled into one of the nestboxes and I went to grab my cell phone to get a pic because I knew my hubby would want to see. :b


I then closed the door to give her privacy and went about my business. An hour and 15 minutes later, she emerged from the coop and when I checked, there was her egg. =) I’m so happy! Three of our chickens are now laying. YAY!!


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