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Issues with Ebay!

on September 3, 2014

Ah, I was so panicked when I tried to check on the status of a recent order. Ebay would not let me sign in and when I tried to have Ebay resend my password, their system told me that my email did not exist! I was freaking out! So I called my bestie Rene to see if she could sign in and she couldn’t either. That made me feel better…but well, it kinda didn’t. I won’t feel better until I can actually sign in myself and see that all is fine. I did find this website and discovered that MANY people were having the same issue. I still want to sign in to my own account, though!! LOL!!

The last couple days have been busy. You were probably thinking I fell off the face of the earth since receiving my new Spectrum Noir markers!! LOL They are AWESOME, too! I love them! They color so smooth…huge difference compared to Sharpies and Bic Mark-its! I really love this pansy stamp and it’s the first thing I colored! =)


I made 4 autumn theme pumpkin cards yesterday. Will have to get pics of them so I can show you before I post them in my shop. I really need to get started on my Christmas cards. They aren’t going to be able to be thrown together in just a couple days. Really makes you wonder what I’m doing, huh? hehe I’m not telling. :b

That’s all for now. Gonna go see if I can login to Ebay yet. *crosses fingers* >.<

Get your own Spectrum Noir Pen Sets HERE


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