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Weekend Deals

on August 25, 2014

Well, my Spectrum Noir markers still have not arrived…so I’m trying really really really really realllllly hard to be patient.  >.<

Right now I’m waiting for my phone to charge so I can list a couple new cards in my Etsy shop. I took pics with my new OttLite the other day and now they are kinda sorta trapped on my phone until it’s charged. Btw, this particular OttLite is still on sale. Not for the wonderful 50% off that I got, but it’s still 40% off without a coupon. It’s nice to not have to go outside to get my picture taking done. =)

Over the weekend I found a great deal at Michael’s. I picked up a Sizzix ‘Where Women Cook’ Milk Carton Box die for only $7.50!  Anyway, how you ask? It was on the clearance rack. Why? Because it was missing the instructions. =/ If you follow that link, they have a downloadable PDF for it. LOL I knew that when I picked it up and set it in my cart…my eyes were all starry and a big smile crept over my face. :b I also picked up an extra tape refill for my ATG gun. I like having spares so if I run out I don’t have to leave my project and run out to pick some up. I only buy spares of stuff I run out of regularly, though. If I kept spares of everything I would be a hoarder. LOL And I’m not a hoarder!! I’m a “PROCRAFTINATOR”. *nods*

Btw, I would have listed a link directly to Michael’s for that Sizzix die but have you noticed how UNfriendly their website is!?? I can NEVER find anything I’m looking for on their website. It’s easier to just call or go over there. Seriously. They are still my favorite craft store but they definitely need a new webmaster. I would have listed Hobby Lobby because of their immaculate selection of supplies…but, they don’t take competitors coupons and they are an hour away. =/

So that is about all I have for now. Will check back in a couple three days. 😀

Happy birthday, Mom. RIP


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