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Waiting, waiting, waiting!

on August 20, 2014

I’m impatiently waiting for my Spectrum Noir markers to get here! I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!! I ordered the basic set of 72…I really think that is all I will need, but when it comes to craft supplies…never say you won’t need anymore. It’s just a big fat hairy lie!! HAHA :b

I got up today and did my morning walk. It was kinda nice because I went by myself. I usually walk with my friend/neighbor, Deb. We take two of her three dogs out with us. One of her huskies is overweight so he goes out every day, the other two switch off. Anyway…got some gardening done this morning after I got back and even managed to get one of my rose bushes pruned and under control. After that, I was definitely ready for a shower. I haven’t really gotten anything done since but that’s okay — I did a bunch of housework yesterday. I need to make up for it today. :b

Until next time, friends. Same blonde hair, same rap channel. Goodnight everyone, thank you for coming. (Sorry, had an Eminem moment.)


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