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Yes, I’m really posting.

on August 18, 2014

I keep putting off getting this started again…I don’t know why. I have had LOTS to post about. Let me catch you up really fast:

We started gardening last summer with a couple of 8’x4′ garden boxes that my husband built. We enjoyed it immensely!! This year, we planted another garden and also started canning some of it. We made some awesome pasta sauce — twice.

That was last year’s garden. Here is some of the canning we did this year:

We also decided to raise some chickens. In April we picked up 6 chickens: Luci, a Buff Orpington; Penelope, a Golden Laced Wyandotte; Pearl, a Silver Laced Wyandotte; Gertie, a Rhode Island Red; and Charlotte and LadyHawke, both Ameraucanas. They are very entertaining and fun to watch. Hopefully we will have eggs soon — to eat that is. We do not have a rooster, so there won’t be any young’ns. :b I LOVE MY GIRLS!!

We spent about 5 weeks getting the chicken coop built. Still have to get it roofed but during these hot summer months, we are putting that off because it’s TOO STINKIN’ HOT AND UNUSUALLY MUGGY!!! Ugh.

Last December my youngest daughter moved out on her own. She did have to move back home a few months ago for a short time while she found another job after Walmart laid her off. She is now living up north with my oldest and has successfully found another job. Hopefully my girls will be able to find a bigger place to live soon before they drive each other nuts. LOL! I LOVE THESE GIRLS TOO!!

Another huge thing that happened is that I rediscovered my love for rubber stamping, cardmaking and papercrafting. I decided a couple of Christmases ago to make my own Christmas cards. I had done it before (a LONG time ago) and thought I would do it again just to do something different. I forgot how much fun and relaxing papercrafting is!!! The cards were a hit and it was the start of my new addiction. HAHA I have made all my Christmas cards since and plan on doing it again this year. I started making cards for friends and family and many kept telling me that I should be selling them….so, that is exactly what I did! LOL I opened a shop on Etsy!! It’s still very much in its infancy but I’ve gotten started, that’s all that matters. =)

So for weeks now I have been meaning to come in here and perk up the old blog I started a couple years ago. Like today, I made another card and wanted to come and share but thought ‘my blog’s still not ready’. Well Sandra….it’s never going to be ready if you don’t get in here and post something! RIGHT!?!??? So, here I am :b and here is today’s card:

The lighting is horrid, I know…I just sent it real quick from my cellphone. LOL I just started using alcohol markers…I own cheapies but they are getting the job done. Looking into buying something worth bragging about currently. :b

I made this card about 3 days ago…would have posted, but you know…the whole blog wasn’t ready thing.  >.<

More bad lighting. Ugh. I will take better pics before putting both cards in my shop.

So anyway, that is about all I have time to write about for now. It’s almost dinnertime….hubby is making Étouffée (pronounced ay-TOO-fay). It’s so yummy! Thanks Dad!!! :b

Will post more later…cuz now the blog is all geared up and ready to go. o.0


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